Spanish Word of the Day Archive
November 2008

  1. semáforo: traffic lights, traffic signals
  2. semanal: weekly, per week
  3. seña: sign
  4. señal: sign; signal
  5. sol: the sun
  6. tormenta: storm
  7. velar: to look after
  8. viento: wind
  9. abajo: below; downstairs
  10. agradar: to like
  11. alto: tall; high
  12. antiguo: old; antique; former
  13. apuntar: to write down, to make a note of; to point
  14. arriba: above; upstairs
  15. bajar: to go down; to come down
  16. bajo: low; short
  17. cielo: sky; heaven
  18. convertirse: to become
  19. desagradar: to dislike, to find ... unpleasant
  20. desconocer: not to know, to be ignorant of
  21. diario: daily
  22. facilitar: to make easier; to facilitate
  23. flaco: thin, skinny
  24. frente a: opposite; in front of; in the face of
  25. gordo: fat
  26. hembra: female
  27. inferior: lower; inferior
  28. infierno: hell
  29. invierno: winter
  30. nota: mark; note

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