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Friday September 11, 2009

caso, noun:

When you’re making plans or describing how a situation may turn out, there are some common idiomatic phrases with caso that you can use. Sometimes you need to say that something will happen in any case, no matter what.

En todo caso, no podemos tardar mucho en llegar a acuerdos.
In any case, we can’t take long to reach agreement.

In formal contexts, you can use the opposites, en caso afirmativo if so, if that happens, and en caso contrario, if not, otherwise.

Allí estimarán si el plan cumple los requisitos. En caso afirmativo, el empresario recibirá el dinero.
There they’ll assess whether the plan meets the requirements. If so or If it does, the entrepreneur will receive the money.

En caso contrario, podrán votar en contra.
Otherwise, they may vote against it.

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