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Thursday October 1, 2009

poco, pronoun:
bit by bit, little by little

We often need to talk about time, el tiempo. Poco comes into lots of phrases you can use to describe things happening over time.

poco a poco
bit by bit, little by little

Creo que las cosas, poco a poco, van cambiando.
I think that, bit by bit, things are changing.

Apart from poco a poco there are three other useful phrases:

Dentro de poco el actual director será remplazado.
The current director will shortly be replaced.

hace poco
not long ago, recently:

Fuimos a verla hace poco.
We visited her not long ago.

poco después
shortly after:

El accidente ocurrió poco después de las 15.00 horas.
The accident occurred shortly after 15:00.

Poco después el médico abandonó la habitación.
Shortly after that, the doctor left the room.

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