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Friday October 30, 2009

importante, adjective:
the main thing, the most important thing

If you want to emphasize a particular point, or prioritize it, then the phrase lo más importante can help you:

Ganar este partido es lo más importante ahora.
Winning this match is the main thing right now.

Creo que es lo más importante que se puede deducir de estas elecciones.
I think that’s the main thing we can conclude from these elections.

Lo más importante can also be followed by a clause introduced by que. You put the verb in the indicative or the subjunctive, according to context. If you are talking about a fact that has already happened, use the indicative:

Lo más importante es que hemos conseguido los dos puntos.
The main thing is that we got the two points.

In the example above we know for a fact that the two goals have been scored. However, if the manager were encouraging his team before the match, he would say:

Lo más importante es que consigamos* los dos puntos.
The main thing is that we get the two points.

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