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Wednesday November 4, 2009

negocio, noun:

Negocio is the basic word for a business.

Hemos montado un negocio de juguetes.
We’ve set up a toy business.

El negocio es el negocio.
Business is business.

When used in the plural, negocios can refer either to several businesses:

Han decidido integrar sus negocios en Colombia y Venezuela en una única división.
They’ve decided to bring their businesses in Colombia and Venezuela together in one division.

Or negocios in the plural may refer to the ‘uncountable’ meaning of business in English:

un hombre de negocios
a businessman

en el mundo de los negocios
in the business world

It may help you to remember the meaning of negocio if you link it to negotiate, which is something you have to do in business.

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