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Sunday November 8, 2009

anda, verb:
hurry up; come on

In the Spanish spoken in Mexico you’ll often come across the expression ¡Ándale! It can mean hurry up:

¡Ándale! Que llegamos tarde.
Hurry up or we’ll be late.

Or you can use it to mean come on in an encouraging way:

Ándale, te regalo un taco en la esquina.
Come on, I’ll buy you a snack at the corner shop.

Or come on in a scornful way:

Ándale, no seas tonto.
Come on now, don’t be stupid.

You can also use Ándale to express surprise:

¡Ándale con la güerita!
Wow, look at that blond!

And to mean OK or right, agreeing with a suggestion:

Ándale, en eso quedamos.
OK, we’ll do that then.

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