Spanish Word of the Day Archive
December 2009

  1. que: Enjoy yourself
  2. retrato: portrait
  3. salir (2): to leave; to get out
  4. valer (2): OK!
  5. va: No way!
  6. amarillo: yellow
  7. bonito: pretty
  8. cabal: upright, fine; full, clear
  9. contento: happy; pleased
  10. corona: crown; garland
  11. delgado: slim; thin
  12. despedir: to say goodbye to
  13. destino: posting; destiny; destination
  14. devolver: to give back; to take back
  15. dificultar: to make ... difficult; to hold up
  16. entregar: to deliver; to hand in; to present
  17. fin: end
  18. final: end
  19. habitación: room; bedroom
  20. harto: fed up, tired
  21. herido: injured, hurt
  22. hojear: to leaf through, to flick through
  23. inocente: innocent
  24. juicio: judgement, good sense; opinion; trial
  25. luego: then; later; soon
  26. mediado: halfway through
  27. ocupación: employment, job; activity
  28. preocupar: to worry
  29. preparar: to prepare, to get ready
  30. preparado: ready, prepared
  31. puesto: place; post, job; stall

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