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Sunday February 7, 2010

bolsa, noun:

La bolsa means bag, and applies to many of the same objects as the English word.

una bolsa de plástico
a plastic bag

una bolsa de papel
a paper bag

The bag you carry your shopping in is la bolsa de la compra, and when you want to get rid of trash or garbage, you put it in la bolsa de la basura, meaning garbage bag, rubbish bag, or bin liner.

Algunas intentan ocultar su verdadera actividad colocando una bolsa de la compra a sus pies.
Some of them try to hide what they’re really doing by putting a shopping bag at their feet.

Estamos demasiado acostumbrados a ver por las calles bolsas de basure fuera de sus contenedores.
We’re well used to seeing rubbish bags on the street outside the garbage bins.

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