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Sunday May 16, 2010

prisa, noun:
hurry; rush

We’ve already come across prisa in the phrase tener prisa, to be in a hurry:

Tengo prisa.
I’m in a hurry.

Prisa is often used in a couple of other set phrases. A toda prisa means as quickly as possible:

Antonio salió a toda prisa.
Antonio left as fast as he possibly could.

De prisa means quickly, hurriedly. You can use it to describe any action done in that way:

Habla y habla, de prisa, atropelladamente.
He talks and talks, quickly, gabbling on.

You also often use it in the phrases, ir de prisa and estar de prisa, to be in a hurry, to be in a rush:

Siempre iba de prisa.
He was always in a hurry.

Nos dio a entender que estaba de prisa.
He made it clear to us he was in a rush.

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