Spanish Word of the Day Archive
November 2010

  1. cama: bed
  2. carne: meat
  3. cerveza: beer
  4. doble (2): twice as much
  5. esconder: to hide
  6. escuchar: to listen; to listen to
  7. ganar: to earn; to win
  8. iniciar: to begin, to start
  9. inicio: beginning, start
  10. llevarse: to get a surprise, to be surprised
  11. mirada: look
  12. mirar: to look; to look at
  13. mojar: to get ... wet; to moisten, to dampen
  14. momento: moment, minute
  15. montón: loads of, masses of
  16. mostrar: to show
  17. obtener: to obtain, to get
  18. ocultar: to hide, to conceal
  19. oír: to hear; to listen to
  20. ordinario: vulgar, common; rude, bad-mannered
  21. padecer: to suffer from
  22. paisaje: landscape; scenery
  23. palabra: word
  24. pan (2): bread; loaf
  25. pantalón: trousers, pair of trousers; pants, pair of pants
  26. papel: paper, piece of paper
  27. papel (2): documents; papers
  28. parecido: similar; alike
  29. pasar: to happen
  30. básquetbol: basketball

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