Spanish Word of the Day Archive
July 2011

  1. cumplir: to carry out; to keep
  2. dar: to consider
  3. dos (2): two
  4. estallar: to explode; to burst; to break out
  5. igual: maybe; anyway
  6. importar: to mind
  7. jamás: never
  8. medida: as
  9. mil: a thousand
  10. oficio: trade, profession, job
  11. pañuelo: handkerchief; headscarf
  12. parar: to stop
  13. pie: foot
  14. ponerse (2): to start
  15. precioso: beautiful, lovely; precious
  16. pregunta: question
  17. principio: beginning
  18. puntual: punctual, on time; detailed
  19. quedarse: to stay, to remain
  20. rato: a while, a time
  21. recordar: to remember; to remind
  22. resultar: to turn out
  23. sacar: to take out
  24. seguir: to carry on, to go on
  25. sombra: shade; shadow
  26. trece: not to budge, to stick to your guns
  27. araucaria: monkey puzzle tree
  28. cabo (2): end
  29. cambio: change; (small) change; exchange; bureau de change
  30. charango: charango
  31. confianza: confidence

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