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Sunday October 23, 2011

tiempo, noun:

In our time-poor world, timetiempo is one of the things we talk about most — in English and in Spanish. There are lots of phrases using tiempo with a verb. Some of them are very similar to English, such as tener tiempoto have time, and matar el tiempo to kill time:

No tengo mucho tiempo.
I don’t have much time.

Para matar el tiempo leí el periódico del lugar.
To kill time I read the local paper.

But other phrases use Spanish verbs you might not expect from English, such as perder el tiempoto waste time, and ganar tiempoto save time:

¡Por qué pierdes el tiempo con él? Es un cero a la izquierda.
Why are you wasting your time with him? He’s a nobody.

Si cortamos por el parque vamos a ganar tiempo.
If we take a shortcut through the park we’ll save time.

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