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Friday April 13, 2012

manga, noun:
sleeve; round, stage

La manga is the word for a sleeve of any kind, whether on a dress or a shirt.

un vestidito sin manga
a sleeveless dress

una camisa de manga corta/larga
a short-sleeved/long-sleeved shirt

If men aren’t wearing a jacket, they are en mangas de camisa, in shirtsleeves:

Salió en mangas de camisa porque no sospechaba quién llamaba a la puerta.
He went to the door in his shirt sleeves because he had no inkling who was knocking at the door.

Manga is also used in sport for a round or stage of a tournament.

tras conseguir el mejor tiempo en la primera manga
after achieving the best time in the first round

In tennis, manga means a set.

Sánchez se adjudicó la primera manga por 6-2.
Sanchez won the first set 6-2.

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