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Friday May 4, 2012

inquieto, adjective:
worried; restless

Inquieto is another adjective, like molesto, whose meaning depends on whether you use it with estar or ser. It’s more often used with estar, in which case you translate it as worried. Notice how por is used.

Están muy inquietos por usted.
They’re very worried about you.

Se muestra tremendamente inquieto por las llamaradas de violencia que sembran la muerte a diario.
He reveals himself to be deeply worried about the outbursts of violence which bring death on a daily basis.

When you use it with the verb ser, it means to have a restless spirit or intellect.

El público hoy es inquieto e impaciente.
The public today is restless and impatient.

Su espíritu inquieto le llevó a la experimentación.
His restless spirit led him to experiment.

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