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Saturday May 12, 2012

pimienta, noun:

For centuries people have used pimienta to spice up food, and it’s still an essential ingredient.

la pimienta negra/blanca/verde/molida
black/white/green/ground pepper

Adding the suffix -on to pimienta gives you el pimentón.

el pimentón dulce

el pimentón picante
cayenne pepper

Of course, where there’s pepper there’s usually la sal, salt. The two words combine to produce salpimentar, literally to season a dish, and metaphorically, to spice something up.

Salpimentar y poner la tortilla encima.
Add salt and pepper and place the tortilla on top.

este adocenado telefilme melodramatcio salpimentado con algunas gotas de intriga y suspense
this run of the mill, melodramatic TV movie, spiced up with a few drops of intrigue and suspense

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