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Tuesday December 11, 2012

verano, noun:

The basic word el verano is one you probably know:

en verano
in summer, in the summer

From el verano Spanish creates a small family of words. First of all, the adjective veraniego, summer, summery:

las vacaciones veraniegas
summer vacation

su residencia veraniega
his summer residence

una noche casi veraniega
an almost summery night

Then the verb veranear, to spend your summer vacation:

turistas que veranean en México
tourists who take their summer vacation in Mexico

Finally, el veraneo, which you often use in the phrases:

lugar de veraneo
summer resort

irse de veraneo
to go away on your summer vacation

Se va de veraneo a la playa.
He goes to the seaside for his summer vacation.

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