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Wednesday December 12, 2012

verdad, noun:
real; really

As we saw in an earlier Word of the Day, you often use verdad when asking someone to accept or corroborate what you’re saying.

Hace mucho frió, ¿verdad?
It’s cold, isn’t it?

The basic meaning of la verdad is truth. Because of that meaning, people often use it in the phrase de verdad, real, after the noun it refers to:

No era un policía de verdad.
He wasn’t a real policeman.

Me he dado cuenta de quiénes son mis amigos de verdad.
I’ve realized who my real friends are.

You also use de verdad with verbs, or on its own, to mean really:

¿Usted cree de verdad que lo puede hacer?
Do you really believe you can do it?

La que me gustaba de verdad era Luisa.
The one I really liked was Luisa.

No me gusta. - ¿De verdad?
I don’t like it. - Really?

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