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Tuesday January 8, 2013

pantalón, noun:
pants, pair of pants; trousers, pair of trousers

Who wears the pants in your house? You can use los pantalones in the plural form to refer to pants or trousers. As with other clothes, llevar is to wear.

La chica llevaba pantalones color rosa.
The girl was wearing pink trousers.

But you can also use el pantalón in the singular. This form tends to be more chatty and colloquial. As with other clothes, ponerse is to put on.

Se había puesto un viejo pantalón de pana.
She had put on an old pair of velvet trousers.

Llevar is also used in the idiom to be the one who wears the pants or trousers. In this idiom you can only use pantalones:

Es una mujer de carácter: lleva los pantalones en casa y trabaja de cocinera en un restaurante.
She’s a strong woman, who wears the pants at home and works as a cook in a restaurant.

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