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Monday January 14, 2013

cabeza, noun:

As we’ve seen la cabeza is the word for head in its bodily meaning.

Se rascaba la cabeza.
He was scratching his head.

Ideas are ‘in’ your head in Spanish as they are in English, and there are a couple of common phrases which express that. First pasarse por la cabeza, to enter your head. Notice the construction below with the reflexive form pasarse, and the personal pronouns le and me.

Ni se le ha pasado por la cabeza pedir perdón.
The idea of apologizing didn’t even enter his head.

Nunca se me pasó por la cabeza.
It never entered my head.

Remember to use a before the person or people affected.

A nadie se le pasó por la cabeza dimitir.
It didn’t enter anyone’s head to resign.

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