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Friday February 8, 2013

noticia, noun:

In English you use news only as a singular noun, as in ‘The news is good.’ In Spanish, you can use the word noticia as a singular or a plural. If you want to translate some news or a piece of news, to talk about a specific item of information, you use noticia in the singular.

Tengo una buena noticia que darte.
I’ve got some good news to give you.

Fue una noticia excelente para la economía.
It was an excellent piece of news for the economy.

But if you want to talk about news broadcasts and bulletins, or news of events in general, you use noticias in the plural.

Vi las noticias de las nueve.
I watched the nine o’clock news.

La gente se queja de que todas las noticias son malas.
People moan that all the news is bad.

If you tell someone a piece of news which you think is fresh, but which everybody else knows about, they may say very ironically:

¡Chocolate por la noticia!
Well I never! You don’t say!

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