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Sunday March 17, 2013

saber, verb:
to know

The Spanish word saber means to know, but only when you’re talking about knowing information, facts and so on. Incidentally, it’s where we get the word savvy from. Watch out for the accent on the letter ‘e’ in these examples.

Sí, ya lo sé.
Yes, I know.

No lo sé.
I don’t know.

saber que...
to know that...

¡Y yo que sé!
How should I know?

Sabe mucho de computadoras.
He knows a lot about computers.

que yo sepa
as far as I know

(sepa is the subjunctive)
By the way, to say that you know a person or a place, you use the Spanish verb conocer.

La conozco.
I know her.

Conozco bien París.
I know Paris well.

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