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Wednesday March 20, 2013

embutidos, noun:
cold cuts

If you’re feeling a bit peckish, why not sample some embutidos? This is Spanish for cold cuts, but they probably don’t look too much like the cold cuts you have at home. They are mostly made of cured pork and are highly seasoned with spices and herbs.
Jamón Serrano is cured ham (you may well see them hanging from the ceilings of bars in Spain to cure)
Salchichón is spiced salami sausage
Sobrasada is a Spanish sausage a bit like chorizo, but spreadable
Chorizos are spicy sausages (in the River Plate region they are fresh sausages usually cooked over hot coals)

No comemos muchos embutidos.
We don’t eat a lot of cold cuts.

(¡Buen provecho! is the way to say this in Latin America.)

¡Que aproveche!
Enjoy your food!

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