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Tuesday April 16, 2013

mosquito, noun:

There’s no mistaking the meaning of this word, though actually it is the diminutive of the Spanish word mosca (fly) meaning little fly. Take care when writing the plural form. In English the word has an “e” (mosquitoes) but in Spanish it doesn’t (mosquitos).
Here are some other Spanish words ending with the diminutive ending -ito, or the feminine -ita, to indicate that something is small.

una casita
a little house

(from una casa, a house)

un perrito
a little dog or a puppy

(from un perro, a dog)

un poquito
a little bit

(from un poco, a bit)
There are several other common diminutive endings in Spanish. One of them is -cito, for example un trocito, a little slice (from un trozo, a slice)

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