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Saturday April 27, 2013

postre, noun:

Here are a few of the delicious desserts, or postres, you could choose from in various parts of the Spanish speaking world.

De postre tomé un helado.
I had ice cream for dessert.

¿Qué hay de postre?
What’s for dessert?

So remember, even if you’re running late, make sure you arrive in time for dessert.

cold custard and cinnamon

crème caramel

arroz con leche
rice pudding

dulce de leche
(in Argentina) or cajeta (in Mexico) are desserts like toffee made with milk and sugar

leche merengada
a milky dessert flavored with cinnamon

llegar para los postres
to come very late (word for word, to arrive in time for dessert)

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