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Saturday May 18, 2013

soñar, verb:
to dream

Sometimes Spanish verbs use prepositions rather differently than English, and soñar is a case in point. You put con between the verb and the noun phrase or infinitive you want to use.

Ayer soñé con él.
I dreamed about him yesterday.

Soñaba con hacerse rico.
His dream was to be rich.

In the following example notice the use of con que:

Sueña a menudo con que ella se enamora de él.
He often dreams that she falls in love with him

A cute way of wishing someone sweet dreams is to say:

¡Que sueñes con los angelitos!
word for word May you dream of little angels.

Used with estar it also has a third meaning, finished.

El trabajo tendrá que estar listo para mañana.
The job will have to be finished by tomorrow.

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