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Sunday May 19, 2013

sueño, noun:
sleep; dream

Hamlet said, ‘To sleep: perchance to dream...’. In Spanish the connection between the two is so intimate that the same word - sueño - covers both.

un sueño profundo
a deep sleep

el sueño americano
the American dream

You need to be a bit careful when using this word with the verb tener. The meaning changes according to whether you use the article or not.

Tenía mucho sueño.
I was very sleepy.

Anoche tuve un mal sueño.
Last night I had a bad dream.

When used with conciliar it means to get to sleep.

No podía conciliar el sueño.
I couldn’t get to sleep.

It’s also used in the same way as English, to talk about your ambitions and wishes.

Su sueño era casarse con un científico.
Her dream was to marry a scientist.

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