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Wednesday August 21, 2013

medida, noun:

A medida que is a time conjunction that you use to talk about two actions going on at the same time:

Saludaba a los invitados a medida que iban llegando
He greeted the guests as they came in

The actions linked by a medida que are often both in the imperfect, as in the previous example and the next one:

A medida que avanzaba la jornada, iban disminuyendo los embotellamientos
As the day progressed, the traffic jams decreased

You can also use a medida que to link two future events. In that case, the verb after a medida que needs to be in the subjunctive:

A medida que se extienda el uso de estas energías, resultarán más baratas
As the use of these types of energy spreads they’ll become cheaper

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