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Friday October 4, 2013

tiquet, noun:
ticket, voucher; sales slip, receipt

Here’s one of the several words that Spanish has borrowed from English - from ticket in this case - and adapted. You may find it spelled as tique or tíquet, and the -que- is pronounced in the same way as in, for instance, aquel. Usually it means a ticket on a bus or train, though it can also be used for tickets to museums and so forth.

un conjunto de 50 edificios que pueden visitarse con un tiquet único de 1.200 pesos
a group of 50 buildings which can be visited with a single ticket costing 1,200 pesos

It’s also more loosely used to mean a voucher of some kind:

un tíquet para aprender inglés gratis durante un mes
a voucher to learn English free for a month

It’s useful to know this word if you want to change something you’ve bought, since the sales assistant may need your sales slip:

No se admiten devoluciones sin tiquet.
Goods may not be returned except with a sales slip.

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