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Thursday October 17, 2013

caso, noun:

Caso is a frequent word which comes into a lot of idiomatic phrases. Today we’ll look at one of them.
First of all, its basic meaning, case.

En casos así es mejor callarse.
In cases like this it’s better to keep quiet.

Caso is often used in the phrase hacer caso a which means to pay attention to or to take notice of somebody or something. It’s very often used in the negative.

No me hacen caso.
They don’t pay any attention to me.

No hizo mucho caso de lo que le dije.
She didn’t take much notice of what I told her or She didn’t pay much attention to what I told her.

When used in the affirmative, it can mean to listen to what someone is saying:

Hazle caso, que ella tiene más experiencia que tú.
Listen to her, she has more experience than you.

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