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Thursday October 31, 2013

ocurrir, verb:
to happen

Ocurrir is one way of saying to happen. Remember that unlike ‘occur’ it has only one letter c and two letter rs.

Lo que ocurrió podría haberse evitado.
What happened could have been avoided.

It’s slightly more formal than another word for to happen, pasar, which you probably already know. It can also be used with an indirect object, to ask if something is the matter:

¿Qué te ocurre?
What’s the matter?

It’s also very often used in the phrase lo que ocurre es que ... the trouble is (that) ...

Lo que ocurre es que el ministro se entiende con muy pocas personas que no sean* de su partido.
The trouble is the minister gets on with very few people who are not from his party.

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