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Monday November 18, 2013

hecho, noun:

Apart from being the past participle of hacer, hecho is also a noun, and the commonest way of expressing the idea of a fact:

Es un hecho conocido.
It’s a well-known fact.

You often use el hecho es que the fact is... when you want to express your view of a situation in a forceful way:

El hecho es que ha desaparecido.
The fact of the matter is that he’s disappeared.

It can also have practically the opposite meaning. You use it to introduce a statement you’re apologetic about, in which case the translation is the thing is..., or the trouble is...

El hecho es que no voy a poder hacerlo a tiempo.
The thing is, I’m not going to be able to do it in time.

El hecho es que no pude encontrarlo en versión española.
The trouble is, I couldn’t find a Spanish translation of it.

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