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Wednesday November 20, 2013

historia, noun:
history; story

In English the meanings of history and story often overlap. In fact they come from the same Latin word, historia. Spanish historia has kept the two meanings together under the umbrella of the original Latin word.

Me encanta estudiar historia.
I love studying history.

un atleta que ha hecho historia en el mundo del deporte
an athlete who has made sporting history

Es una historia de amor que sucede en una carcel.
It’s a love story which takes place in prison.

Es una larga historia.
It’s a long story.

You know how some people always come up with the same tired old reason for not doing something? You can describe them in Spanish too!

Era Woodward, con la misma historia de siempre.
It was Woodward, with the same tired old story.

When used like this, historias can be translated as excuses:

¡No me vengas con esas historias!
Don’t give me that!

¡Dejémonos de historias!
Let’s stop making excuses!

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