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Friday November 29, 2013

miedo, noun:

Most of us have a fear of something, be it spiders, water, the dark, or whatever. Miedo is the word to convey that idea:

su miedo infantil a la oscuridad
her childish fear of the dark

The word miedo is also used in the most common phrase for being afraid of something or someone, tener miedo a:

Le tenía miedo a su padre.
He was afraid of his father.

You use the same structure when you are afraid of doing something.

Tiene miedo a salir sola.
She’s afraid of going out on her own.

But when you are afraid that someone else will do something, you use tener miedo de que with the verb in the subjunctive:

Tenemos miedo de que nos ataquen*.
We’re afraid that they will attack us.

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