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Thursday December 19, 2013

hogar, noun:
home, household

You’ll already know that casa is a common word for home. There is another word which can also translate as home, hogar. But hogar refers to where you live in a very physical sense:

productos para el hogar
household products, products for the home

labores del hogar

Hogar is also used to talk about the people that live in a particular dwelling, the household:

En la mayoría de los hogares se gasta más en juguetes que en libros de texto.
Most households spend more on toys than on schoolbooks.

In ads and formal documents you may see the phrase empleada del hogar, meaning home help. The more usual way of saying this is la muchacha (de servicio):

Necesito empleada del hogar, preferible fija. Habitación y baño independiente.
Home help required, preferably permanent. Separate room and bathroom provided.

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