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Monday December 23, 2013

mismo, adverb:

Apart from meaning the same, mismo is used to emphasize and pinpoint certain adverbs. It’s useful to learn these combinations of mismo with another word as single units.

Nos podemos encontrar aquí mismo.
We can meet right here.

enfrente mismo del colegio
right in front of the college

When you ask for something in restaurants, and similar situations, the person serving you may well say ahora mismo, right away, straight away.

¿Me trae la carta? - Ahora mismo, caballero.
Right away, sir.

Mismo is often used with time words. Sometimes it just emphasizes the word it goes with and so isn’t translated:

Me han dicho que me lo entregan hoy mismo.
They said I’d get it delivered today.

Other times you can translate it as just:

Ayer mismo fue intervenido en el hospital de Medellín.
They operated on him in the Medellín hospital just yesterday.

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