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Saturday December 28, 2013

platicar, verb:
to talk, to chat; to tell

In some parts of Latin America, particularly Mexico, platicar is the verb you use to say that someone is talking or chatting.

Dejen* de platicar sobre la Nacha.
Stop talking about Nacha.

No dejes* de venir mañana para que platiquemos* más.
Make sure you come tomorrow so that we can go on chatting.

So it is used instead of charlar. Unlike charlar, it can also be used with a following noun (technically, as a ‘transitive’ verb):

si yo te empezara* a platicar mis desgracias...
if I were to start telling you about my bad luck...

In this use it’s the exact equivalent of contar:

si yo te empezara* a contar mis desgracias...

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