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Saturday January 11, 2014

contrario, adjective:
not at all; on the contrary, on the other hand

You can use al contrario as an emphatic way of replying ‘no’ to a question:

¿Te aburres? - Al contrario, me encanta.
Are you bored? - Not at all, I’m loving it.

It’s also useful when you want to contrast an idea with the previous one:

Nadie me dio la espalda por ello. Al contrario, me felicitaron.
Nobody turned their back on me because of it. On the contrary, they congratulated me.

Hemingway es una estrella de la primera division. Maugham, al contrario, es un autor que se olvida.
Hemingway is a premier-league star. Maugham, on the other hand, is an author people forget about.

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