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Thursday January 23, 2014

honor, noun:

Honor is often used in much the same way as honor:

Ha sido un honor para mí esta despedida.
This send-off has been a great honor for me.

Some common phrases with honor are very similar to English:
First, en honor de, in honor of:

una misa en honor de los difuntos
a Mass in honor of the dead

Then, tener el honor de hacer to have the honor of doing:

He tenido, en dos ocasiones, el honor de escuchar al Dalai Lama.
I’ve had the honor of hearing the Dalai Lama on two occasions.

Tengo el honor de... is the typical phrase that Spanish-speakers use to introduce a speaker:

Tengo el honor de presentarles a nuestro invitado especial.
It gives me great pleasure to introduce our special guest.

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