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Saturday January 25, 2014

hospitalario, adjective:
hospital; medical

To talk about things related to hospitals in English, we just put hospital in front of another noun, as in hospital treatment. When used like this, hospital is technically functioning as an adjective, and Spanish uses the real adjective hospitalario in similar contexts:

Tuvieron que recibir atención hospitalaria por fractura de costillas.
They had to get hospital treatment for broken ribs.

Some of the most common nouns used with hospitalario are centro, and ingreso. Notice how they are translated:

el centro hospitalario más importante del país
the largest hospital in the country

24 horas después de su ingreso hospitalario
24 hours after he went into hospital

Sometimes hospitalario means hospitable, as in:

Los guatemaltecos son muy hospitalarios.
Guatemalans are very hospitable.

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