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Friday February 28, 2014

que, conjunction:
Enjoy yourself

In the stock phrase Que te diviertas Enjoy yourself you are using que followed by the subjunctive of the verb divertirse. But don’t worry about the grammar. The best thing is to learn Que te diviertas and the following phrases as complete units.
There are several sociable phrases in Spanish which are formed in the same way. For instance, to wish somebody luck:

Que te vaya bien.
Good luck!

Que le vaya bien.
Good luck!

Que te vaya bien en el nuevo trabajo.
Good luck in your new job!

You can also use when you’re saying goodbye:

Que te vaya bien.
Take care.

If someone isn’t feeling well, the standard phrase you use is:

Que te mejores.
(I hope you) Get better soon.

Que se mejore.
(I hope you) Get better soon.

And in hotels, before you go up to your room for the night, the receptionist may say:

Buenas noches, que descanse.
Good night, sleep well.

Remember that there is no accent on que in these phrases.

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