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Thursday April 24, 2014

pensar, verb:
to intend

In other Words of the Day we’ve seen that pensar can mean to think of or to think over. For instance:

¿Liliana, qué piensas de la propuesta?
Liliana, what do you think of the suggestion?

No estoy muy convencida. Lo voy a pensar.
I’m not totally convinced. I’ll think it over.

You can also use pensar and the infinitive to say what you intend to do:

Pienso seguir insistiendo.
I intend to keep on trying.

No pensaba salir.
I wasn’t intending or planning to go out.

When you are determined not to do something, you put no or ni before the structure:

No pienso volver a Cuba.
I’ve no intention of going back to Cuba.

¡Ni pienso ir a su boda!
You can be sure I won’t be going to her wedding!

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