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Saturday June 14, 2014

espejo, noun:

When you look in the mirror, you can express this in Spanish with two slightly different constructions: mirarse en el espejo, or mirarse al espejo.

Rosa se miraba en el espejo del cuarto de baño.
Rosa was looking at herself in the bathroom mirror.

When you’re driving you’ll need your rear-view mirror.

el espejo retrovisor
the rear-view mirror

Sometimes el espejo retrovisor can refer to the wing mirror as well:

Mi hijo miraba por el espejo retrovisor de la izquierda.
My son was looking in the driver’s wing mirror.

In English your eyes are supposedly the mirror of your soul. In Spanish, your face is often credited with this gift:

La cara es el espejo del alma, y los zapatos suelen ser espejo hasta de la cuenta corriente.
The face is the mirror of the soul, and shoes are often the mirror even of people’s bank accounts.

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