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Thursday July 3, 2014

auténtico, adjective:
real; genuine

Auténtico is another Spanish word which looks like a formal English word - ‘authentic’ - but which you often translate more simply. In one use it means real, as opposed to synthetic or fake.

Es de cuero auténtico.
It’s made of real leather.

You also use it to describe something which is ‘the real thing’, or the genuine article:

Es un auténtico Picasso.
It’s a genuine Picasso.

Finally, you often use it to emphasize the extent or intensity of the noun it modifies. In this case you can translate it as real or absolute.

Fue una auténtica pesadilla y me sentí muy vulnerable.
It was an absolute nightmare, and I felt very vulnerable.

El Oscar fue una auténtica sorpresa.
The Oscar was a real surprise.

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