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Thursday August 28, 2014

tostar, verb:
to toast; to roast; to tan

If you want toast in a Hispanic hotel, you might ask for pan tostado:

pan tostado con mermelada
toast with jam

Another common way in which you use tostar is to talk about roasting coffee beans. Notice how the vowel of the infinitive changes:

Se tuesta el café con una adicion de azucar.
The coffee is roasted with some added sugar.

But probably the most common way in which tostar is used is to do with tanning, or getting a suntan:

Fue la primera vez que vi ese rostro tostado.
. It was the first time I saw that suntanned face.

Mientras su mujer se tuesta al sol, él juega a las cartas con sus amigotes.
While his wife gets a suntan, he plays cards with his cronies.

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