Nobility Titles

Titles of royalty are capitalized when used as a formal title, e.g. 'Prince Charles of England'. Some British titles are also capitalized when standing alone, e.g. 'Prince of Wales', because nobility are frequently known by their titles rather than their given or family names. Honorific titles and forms of address are capitalized, e.g. 'Your Majesty', 'His Eminence', 'Your Grace'. The royalty of Britain are, in order of rank: king, queen, prince, princess, duke, marquess/marquis, earl, viscount, and baron. Honorary titles are baronet and knight.

Examples (with abbreviations, if any):

archduke (Archd. or AD)
baron (Bn.)
baroness (Bnss.)
baronet (Bt. or Bart.)
count (Ct.)
countess (Ctss.)
duchess (D.)
duke (D. or Du.)
emperor (Emp.)
her/his majesty (HM)
knight (Kt.)
marchioness or marquise (March.)
marquess or marquis (Marq.)
Queen Mother
viscount (Vis. or Visc.)
viscountess (Vis. or Visc.)

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