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Friesian1 (ˈfriːʒən)
(Brit) Usual US and Canadian name: Holstein any of several breeds of black-and-white dairy cattle having a high milk yield

Friesian2 (ˈfriːʒən)
n, —adj
a variant of Frisian

Frisian or Friesian (ˈfrɪʒən)
1.  a language spoken in the NW Netherlands, parts of N Germany, and adjacent islands, belonging to the West Germanic branch of the Indo-European family: the nearest relative of the English language; it has three main dialects
2.  a native or inhabitant of Friesland or a speaker of the Frisian language
3.  a.  of or relating to the Frisian language or its speakers
 b.  of or relating to Friesland or its peoples and culture
[C16: from Latin Frīsiī people of northern Germany]
Friesian or Friesian
[C16: from Latin Frīsiī people of northern Germany]

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