[glawr-ee-uh, glohr-] /ˈglɔr i ə, ˈgloʊr-/
  1. Gloria in Excelsis Deo.
  2. Gloria Patri.
  3. the response Gloria tibi, Domine, “Glory be to Thee, O Lord.”.
(lowercase) a repetition of one of these.
(lowercase) a musical setting for one of these.
(lowercase) a halo, nimbus, or aureole, or an ornament in imitation of one.
(lowercase) a fabric of silk, cotton, nylon, or wool for umbrellas, dresses, etc., often with a filling of cotton warp and yarn of other fiber.
a female given name.
1150–1200; Middle English < Latin; see glory

sic transit gloria mundi

[seek trahn-sit gloh-ri-ah moo n-dee; English sik tran-sit glawr-ee-uh muhn-dahy, -dee, glohr-, -zit] /sik ˈtrɑn sɪt ˈgloʊ rɪˌɑ ˈmʊn di; English sɪk ˈtræn sɪt ˈglɔr i ə ˈmʌn daɪ, -di, ˈgloʊr-, -zɪt/
thus passes away the glory of this world.
Example Sentences for Gloria
Similarly, gloria swanson was not able to leverage her own success in sunset boulevard.
Was recorded and was available at the gloria swanson archives at the university of texas.
British Dictionary definitions for Gloria
gloria (ˈɡlɔːrɪə)
1.  a silk, wool, cotton, or nylon fabric used esp for umbrellas
2.  a halo or nimbus, esp as represented in art
[C16: from Latin: glory]

Gloria (ˈɡlɔːrɪə, -ˌɑː)
1.  any of several doxologies beginning with the word Gloria, esp the Greater and the Lesser Doxologies
2.  a musical setting of one of these

sic transit gloria mundi (ˈsɪk ˈtrænsɪt ˈɡlɔːrɪˌɑː ˈmʊndiː)
thus passes the glory of the world

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Word Origin and History for Gloria
c.1420, from M.L. gloria in "Gloria Patri," hymn praising god (and similar hymns), from L. gloria "glory."
sic transit gloria mundi
c.1600, from L., lit. "thus passes the glory of the world;" perhaps an alteration of a passage in Thomas Á Kempis' "Imitatio Christi" (1471).
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Gloria in Culture
Sic transit gloria mundi [(sik tran-sit glawr-ee-uh moon-dee)]

Latin for “Thus passes away the glory of the world”; worldly things do not last.

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