1 [hyoo-mer-uhs or, often, yoo-]

1570–80; humor + -ous

humorously, adverb
humorousness, noun

1. ludicrous, laughable. 2. jocose, jocular, comic, comical. Humorous, witty, facetious, waggish imply something that arises from cleverness or a sense of fun. Humorous implies a genuine sense of fun and the comic, impersonal, or gently personal: a humorous version of an incident; a humorous view of life. Witty implies quickness to perceive the amusing, striking, or unusual and to express it cleverly and entertainingly; it sometimes becomes rather sharp and unkind, particularly in quick repartee of a personal nature: a witty and interesting companion; to be witty at someone else's expense. Facetious suggests a desire or attempt to be jocular or witty but not to be taken seriously: a facetious remark. Waggish suggests the spirit of sly mischief and roguery of the constant joker, with no harm intended: a waggish good humor.

1, 2. solemn, sober, serious. Unabridged


2 [hyoo-mer-uhs or, often, yoo-]
Archaic. moist; wet.
pertaining or due to the bodily humors.

1375–1425; late Middle English < Late Latin (h)ūmōrōsus; see humor, -ous Unabridged
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humorous (ˈhjuːmərəs)
1.  funny; comical; amusing
2.  displaying or creating humour
3.  archaic another word for capricious

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Example sentences
Some advertisers run parallel campaigns, sponsoring traditional ads as well as
  humorous ones.
There are many humorous episodes including a wonderful cricket match.
Hence the humorous kernel inside that little irregularity during the oath.
Programmers continue to plug humorous gems into everyday software.
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