noun, plural lynxes (especially collectively) lynx for 1.
any of several wildcats of the genus Lynx (or Felis ), having long limbs, a short tail, and usually tufted ears, especially L. lynx (Canada lynx) of Canada and the northern U.S., having grayish-brown fur marked with white.
genitive Lyncis [lin-sis] . (initial capital letter) Astronomy. a northern constellation between Ursa Major and Auriga.

1300–50; Middle English < Latin < Greek lýnx

lynxlike, adjective

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lynx (lɪŋks)
n , pl lynxes, lynx
1.  a feline mammal, Felis lynx (or canadensis), of Europe and North America, with grey-brown mottled fur, tufted ears, and a short tailRelated: lyncean
2.  the fur of this animal
3.  bay lynx another name for bobcat
4.  desert lynx another name for caracal
5.  Also called: Polish lynx a large fancy pigeon from Poland, with spangled or laced markings
Related: lyncean
[C14: via Latin from Greek lunx; related to Old English lox, German Luchs]

Lynx (lɪŋks)
n , Latin genitive Lyncis
a faint constellation in the N hemisphere lying between Ursa Major and Cancer

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Word Origin & History

1340, from L. lynx (cf. Sp., It. lince), from Gk. lyngz, probably from PIE *leuk- "light," in reference to its gleaming eyes or its ability to see in the dark (cf. Lith. luzzis, O.H.G. luhs, Ger. luchs, O.E. lox, Du. los, Swed. lo "lynx").
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Computing Dictionary

LYNX definition

A language for large distributed networks, using remote procedure calls, developed by the University of Wisconsin in 1984.
["The Lynx Distributed Programming Language: Motivation, Design and Experience", M.L. Scott, Computer Langs 16:209-233 (1991)].

Lynx definition

1. A WWW browser from the University of Kansas for use on cursor-addressable, character cell terminals or terminals emulators under Unix or VMS. Lynx is a product of the Distributed Computing Group within Academic Computing Services of The University of Kansas. Lynx was originally developed by Lou Montulli, Michael Grobe and Charles Rezac. Garrett Blythe created DosLynx and later joined the Lynx effort as well. Foteos Macrides ported much of Lynx to VMS and is now maintaining it.
Version: 2.4-FM (1995-10-25).
Mailing list: (send "subscribe lynx-dev " in the message body to
2. Lynx Real-Time Systems.
The Free On-line Dictionary of Computing, © Denis Howe 2010
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Example sentences
Nearby reside the relics of elk and lynx, coyote and loon, pelican and wolf.
For vulgarity, in particular, she has the eye of a lynx.
The marksman who bags one must have nerves and sinews of steel, and the eyes of
  a lynx, as well.
Others include chinchilla, lynx, muskrats and coyotes.
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