[ney-tuh-tawr-ee-uhm, -tohr-, nat-uh-]
noun, plural natatoriums, natatoria [ney-tuh-tawr-ee-uh, -tohr-, nat-uh-] .
a swimming pool, especially one that is indoors.

1885–90; < Late Latin natātōrium swimming place, equivalent to Latin natā(re) to swim + -tōrium -tory2 Unabridged
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natatorium (ˌneɪtəˈtɔːrɪəm)
n , pl -riums, -ria
rare a swimming pool, esp an indoor pool
[C20: from Late Latin: swimming place, pool]

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Word Origin & History

1890, New Englandish word for "swimming pool," from L. natator "swimmer" (from nare "to swim") + -ium, neut. suffix. Latin nare is from PIE *sna- "to swim, to flow" (cf. Arm. nay "wet, liquid;" Gk. notios "damp, moist," nao "I flow;" Skt. snati "bathes;" M.Ir. snaim "I swim;" and probably also Gk. nesos
"island," from *na-sos, lit. "that which swims").
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Example sentences
In support of natatorium, pools, and other additional components.
Overlooking the natatorium and gymnasium is our fitness center.
Conducts inspections of natatorium facility and equipment, and ensures facility compliance with all regulations.
The area where an addition could work is also the only space available for future expansion of the natatorium.
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